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Commodity Market Course in Nanded

Professional Trader in Commodity Market

Commodity market course is for who understand Equity Trading and do it through their own trading account and want to extend their trading into commodity trading. You learn the concept of commodity futures, trading mechanism, concept of margin trading, executing trades and handle MTM and squaring off / getting out of trades.

You learn about popular commodity contracts like Gold Trading , Crude Oil Trading, Metals Trading, Agri Contracts Potato / Wheat / Sugar etc.

Duration : 2 to 3 Months
Pre-Requisite : Completion of Professional Traders in Intraday.

Commodity Market in Nanded

Scope of Commodity Market.
Precious Metals, Base Metals, Energy. MCX- Multi Commodity Exchanges, Metals – Silver, Gold, and Copper, Energy – Crude oil, Natural gas.

Benefits of Commodity Market.
Commodity Trading in india is done on the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India). With trading allowed only in Commodity Futures, Gold & Crude Oil.

You can trade a wide variety of commodities in india including Agricultural Commodities, Metals & Energy products. Metals include precious metals like Gold & Silver, Energy Products include Crude Oil & Natural Gas while agricultural commodities include Cardamom, Cotton (Kapas) etc.

Which commodity is best for trading?

In Indian market some of the top traded commodities are

  • Gold
  • Crude oil
  • Copper cathode
  • Silver
  • Zinc
  • Nickle
  • Natural Gas

How to do commodity trading in oil
Commodity oil futures work the same as the example provided above. However, crude oil futures trading takes place mostly for speculation rather than delivery unless you own an oil company such as the IOC, ONGC, BPCL, etc.

  • Crude oil is one of the most liquid commodities in the world because it is a source of fuel and energy for so many sectors.
  • To succeed in commodity trading in oil, you must be able to understand how fluctuations in demand and supply impacts oil prices.
  • Both technical and fundamental analysis can be applied for crude oil futures trading.
  • You must have a trading strategy in place to avoid losses.

We offer Commodity course which is individual course. Interested persons can contact us for the detail infomation of course.


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